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What clients are saying  




Artist Book Session

From the first contact with Sónia, still by email, I could feel the respect and the charm she has for what she does. Despite my initial fear, due to my shyness and uncomfortable with the photos, the truth is that later, when I met her in person, I felt that I had made the right choice. Sónia accepted me as I am, and went about her work. The end result was wonderful, it exceeded all my expectations, and the feedback from people has been very good. Sónia does magic :) I loved it! In addition, Sónia is very practical, professional and fast in delivering photos. I strongly recommend it!




Corporate Portrait Session

Dear Sonia,

Thank you! There isn't a person who hasn't been impressed with the result. Your talent for achieving communication with images is worthy of applause.

I will always recommend it.




Portrait Session

When I did this session I felt that everything fell into place perfectly. It's hard to have fits like this, and Sónia's eyes, soul, heart and emotion conveyed what I am...the passion in her eyes, the sincere smile and the hidden sensuality.

​There are unique photos and those of Sónia capture the soul.




Family Session

It is a very beautiful and welcoming space!!!
It was a family experience fantastic, a super afternoon, where we were pampered with love and joy from Sónia Godinho, beautiful photos, excellent work, I congratulate the makeup work done by Marília Pereira, a unique experience!! !
Scale 0 - 10, I give 10!!!
We loved it!!!
I recommend visiting/booking this delightful studio.




Session Book Artist

Sónia Godinho is absolutely fantastic at the work she does! I always say that she excels at capturing the soul of the people she portrays with her camera! Your studio is a magical space where, truly, magic happens - forgive the redundancy! The entire work process is excellent from the moment we meet until the moment we receive the final result, which is usually wonderful! The difficulty is in choosing the best photo because they are all amazing! 




Portrait Session

The sweetness of Sónia, the comfort of the space and the excellent professionalism project a magnificent work that radiates magic.

I'm a fan of your Art!


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Artist Book Session

Sónia raises her professionalism to an absolutely inspiring level.

The photographs were very beautiful and the credit lies in her work and in the relaxed atmosphere she prints, from the very first moment.

It was a real pleasure to be photographed by dear Sonia!




Family Session

The taste was all ours and the photos are a delight.

We thank you for all your professionalism, both in the conception/"execution" of the album, and for the attention and affection you showed throughout the session.




"Girl's day out" session

Being at Sónia's studio is a fantastic experience, because the closeness and ease, together with high professionalism and magic that make the photos look wonderful. I think the question we are left with is “Is it really me?!




"Girl's day out" session

Enter that sunny patio, spend an afternoon with Sónia, feel beautiful and wonderful in the super cozy studio, have a good laugh, and in the end see the final result – portraits with a touch of magic by the hands of the most talented woman with whom I've had the opportunity to live, it was an experience that marked me and that I recommend! And to be portrayed in a genuine way, with a light soul and that smile and sparkle in her eyes, only Sónia can do. I loved it and recommend it. 




Family Session

I met Sónia and her work in photography through Atelier Sofia Lima.

Me, my sister and niece had the opportunity to be under the camera of the talented Sónia who, through her talent, gave rise to some beautiful photographs and thanks to her welcome provided us with a comfortable and fun environment during the session.

Thank you so much Sónia for this wonderful moment that will be forever in our memory and, of course, framed in the portraits.




Glam the Dress session

The time for a photo shoot with Sónia is not just a time determined by the clock... It is a time to be and to feel... It is to rediscover a smile or an expression... And the time that this time lasts is not measured !
Thank you Sónia, because after all, beauty is not always in the smile, it is also in the look! More serious or less serious, the end result of the session was fantastic!


The studio itself is a mixture of a vintage environment and the modern, opening the doors for us to challenge a camera in front of us without inhibitions or complexes, which for those who don't make it a habit can be scary.

However, the friendliness of Sónia and her collaborators immediately makes us feel free to take advantage of time spent alone with us or with our family, allowing us to record moments that never come back.

Because they don't come back. 

I had the opportunity to take solo photos and others with my mother, my children, the son's girlfriend and brothers. 

We went a lot, but it was a very nice experience and I'll repeat it, this time outside, in the patio area, where there's a delicious little lake.

I confess that I'm vain, but I don't like to take pictures and I took several that I love and spread around the house like a movie star...

Family photos are family photos, the ones we like to have to remember later, different moments of the children's growth, our parents and siblings. 

A precious record, in photo, of the love we feel for each other and that today's hurried life does not allow us to do for one reason or another.

I strongly advise.




Family Session

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